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Chtaura Park Hotel is located in the heart of the Beqaa Valley and is 45 km away from the Rafic Hariri Beirut International Airport. The hotel is perfectly located with easy access to local banks, hospitals, restaurants, public transport, pharmacies, etc.

It is an ideal destination for family escapes, business trips, fancy receptions, team building activities, and stunning weddings. The hotel offers ultimate comfort through 75 newly renovated rooms and suites, indoor and outdoor fine dining restaurants, Cheers Bar, meeting outlets, outdoor swimming pools, and a fitness center.

We look forward to welcoming you!

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Rita Nicolas Khoury
CEO & Chairman

Our Vision:

To demonstrate excellence and be renowned for our genuine service and innovative products that exceed customers’ needs, desires and expectations.

Our Mission:

To create heartfelt experiences for Guests, significant opportunities for Team Members, high value for Owners and to become a landmark in the Lebanese hospitality.

Key Values:
  • Business: Quality is our trigger to achieve our goals and expansion.
  • Corporate: We want to thrive in excellence in our development and expansion.
  • Operations: Our main objective is to seek perfection through our services and innovative products.
The Beginning

Located in the smiling plain of the Beqaa, is the Park Hotel, the “reverie” hotel of Najib Hankash, a Lebanese businessman, who in September 1956 envisioned building a luxurious hotel in the heart of the Beqaa valley. With a large group of investors and in the presence of President Kamil Chamoun, Mr. Hankash founded “La Société des Hotȇls Modernes”.


The Grand Opening

Chtaura Park Hotel was inaugurated in 1959 and became the favorite spot of Arab and Lebanese politicians as well as honeymooners.


The conference of the Arab Ministers


The conference of the Arab Leagues


The conference of the Lebanese “Kataeb”


Syrian President Hafez Al-Assad and his Lebanese counterpart, President Sleiman Franjieh, met in Chtaura Park Hotel in the first ever Syrian-Lebanese summit.


Chtaura Park hotel was the place where President Elias Sarkis made the “constitutional right”

New Era

Chtaura Park Hotel was bought by the businessman and the Minister Nicolas Khoury who transformed the hotel to an international Five Star Hotel. The hotel architecture was built in a way that mixes between 2 civilizations: East and West. That highlighted its milestones.


Election of the Lebanese President Elias Hrawi at Chtaura Park Hotel


US secretary of State, Warren Christopher, met at Chtaura Park Hotel with Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri and President of the Lebanese Congress Nabih Berri during which terms were discussed for the ceasefire understanding that halted a 16-day Israel bombing blitz against Hizbollah guerrillas in Lebanon.

The Legacy Continues

Rita Khoury, daughter of the minister Nicolas Khoury, was designated as Chief executive officer and chairman till present.

A major change and renovation were made at the hotel mixing between the luxury and the antique touch.
Rita Khoury is still on the same pathway of her father.

A major change and renovation were made at the hotel mixing between the luxury and the antique touch. Many years passed with success and splendor and more years to come with creativity and innovation.